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Release time:2015-06-16 14:24:50  Source: Foreign Student Affairs Office
School of International Exchange of SSPU(Shanghai Second Polytechnic University) was founded in July 2002. It has experienced the following periods: the International 
Exchange Faculty (Queensland College) (2002-2012), Humanities and International Exchange Faculty (Queensland College, Monita College) (2012-2014), School of 
International Exchange (Office of International Student Affairs) (2014-Now).  
The Office of International Student Affairs of SSPU was founded in October 2014, which is responsible for the management of all foreign students affairs and related services. 
Office of International Student Affairs and School of International Exchange are the reconsideration offices.
School of International Exchange (Office of International Student Affairs) is one of the important windows to implement internationalization strategy and carry out 
exchanges and cooperation. It also has the teaching management functions of teaching units and the service coordination responsibilities. Based on the overall layout and 
school development planning, the main task of the school is responsible for foreign students’ enrollment, management and service; to organize the implementation of 
international students training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language; to coordinate the implementation of professional learning with each department (college 
students); to carry out international Chinese professional construction and HSK test of the work timely; to prepare the Confucius Institute or other platforms of overseas 
exchanges timely. The school is aiming to train the multiple applications of international students with the vision of globalization and be familiar with our country especially 
the construction and development of Shanghai for the international society, and to carry out career-oriented vocational education for SSPU.
School of International Exchange has reasonable teaching and management team, in which 1/3 has a senior professional title, 78% has a master’s degree or above. The team 
provides a good foundation to implement student education, management and service, to carry out the teaching Chinese as a foreign language and national proficiency test 
of Chinese HSK. In the past, the school successfully held the students IELTS training project in summer in Australia (2003 onwards), student exhibition skills training project in 
summer in Germany (2009 onwards), students abroad then read the junior college and undergraduate courses project, the Chinese teachers to Australia study and 
on-the-spot investigation project, foreign teachers teaching in our school from Australia, Germany, Finland and other countries; many international students learning basic 
Chinese Academy and Chinese culture. Based on the above international exchange projects, the school formally carried out the education for overseas students since 2011. 
At present, more than 50 students registered, respectively from Germany, Australia, Finland, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Laos, Kazakhstan and other countries. 
Office of International Student Affairs
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