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Release time:2015-06-16 14:55:37  Source: Foreign Student Affairs Office

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics international business school, the school has a long history, undergraduate education originated from the 1921 national Southeast Universitylocated in Shanghai University of commerce under the Department of business administration,ordinary commercial department and the Department of international trade, has now developed into a domestic one of the best school of business and management. In recent years, collegeChina economic development relying on the opportunity to take-off, founded the Institute of development Chinese industry and China FTA research center and a series of research center,in order to better service in Shanghai and even the country's economic reform and development.School teacher is strong, reasonable echelon structure. The existing 89 full-time teachers,including 25 professors, 37 associate professors; with a PhD in teacher 74 people, account for 83% of all teachers, college offers professional undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoraltraining project.

Senior management training center (EDP) closely linked to teachers, and enterprises rely on theInternational College of business administration and improve the teaching condition, is committed to the promotion of the senior management of entrepreneurs and enterprises in thelifelong learning, enhance the management leadership, expand enterprise development potential, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises. Senior management trainingcenter system fully integrated management training project and all kinds of special trainingprogram for the specific needs of enterprises, but also various types of custom tailored project.Professional, high value and trust is the ideas and principles which grasps the service for enterprise customers when we.

Today's business leaders not only with different modes of action, they must be essentiallydifferent with others: full of vitality, curiosity, innovative spirit. Our goal is in the management ofthe occupation career has been giving them nourish, to promote sustainable growth of their. Our curriculum system and way of thinking to help students cope with various challenges in the real business world. Senior management training center under the International School of business and management, expecting to provide the management "living spring for you"!

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