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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics centennial of painting and calligraphy exhibition call
Release time:2015-06-16 14:52:17  Source: Foreign Student Affairs Office

In 2017, our school will celebrate the 100 anniversary. To celebrate the 100 anniversary of the birthday of the school, the school held a celebration of the theme of painting and calligraphy exhibition in during the anniversary.

Activity name: one, "100 years of banking, ink impression"

Two, the organizer: School of trade unions

Co organizer: School propaganda department, development cooperation, retired at work, the Communist Youth League

Three, solicitation scope: all the teachers and students, alumni and the concern and support the development of the school from all walks of life.

Four, the solicitation requirements:

1 styles of calligraphy, painting is not restricted.

2 healthy content upward, innovative, combined with the school anniversary theme.

Op. 3, the maximum of no more than 6 feet the whole piece, without mounting.

Five, works review: recruit specialists work committee, out of exhibition works.

Six, the author works rights and treatment: selected exhibitors awarded a certificate and giftworks. The submitting author souvenir. Entries are not returned to school, work rights and interests.

Seven, the submission time: call up since this day, the deadline December 30, 2016.

Eight, received:

Delivery place: School Staff Union

Delivery place: the school committee of students

Alumni sent manuscript: School of trade unions

Union of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

In December 8, 2014

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