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Tourism Management
Release time:2015-06-16 14:53:18  Source: Foreign Student Affairs Office

Department of Tourism Management offers Ph.D. program and Master program in tourism management. The Ph.D. program offered by the Tourism Department is the first one in this field in Shanghai. The Department of Tourism Management enrolls the graduate students who study for Ph.D. degree and Master degree and teachers and scholars who study for further improvement. Teachers of the Tourism Management Department have carried out the research programs sponsored by China’s National Philosophy and Social Science Research Foundation and EU-China High Education Cooperative Research Program and Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Research Foundation, and published monographs and textbooks and theses that won the prizes of China Commission of Education and Shanghai Municipal Government.

The study fields for graduate students who study for Master program are Tourism Business Administration and Convention & Exhibition Administration. The study fields for graduate students who study for Ph.D. program are Research of Theory & Practice of Tourism Operation & Management and Research of International Tourist Destination & Tourism Group.

The graduates should master theories and methods of international tourism management, and have a good command of English, and have the expertise of managing tourism industry and enterprises at home and broad. The graduates are not only good at the principles and methods of Economics and Management, but also Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing, Hospitality Industry Managerial Accounting, Principles and Methods of Tourist Destination Development and Management, Hotel Management, Travel Agency Operation, and Convention Management and Service. Original English textbooks are used for these courses.

Career options for the graduates include work in international-tourism-enterprise groups, tourism administration departments of government, tourist hotels, travel agencies, tourist destination management departments, universities, research institutes and other relevant entities.

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